Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Bike Ride to Remember-Sheila Ascroft


This article is about the Kiwanis Colour Cribbage Ride and how the riders got through the ride. The first year Shelia did the ride the weather was miserable and cold. The thing that kept her going was the volunteers cheering her on and giving her little heart warm gifts like a homemade sandwiches. The other part that made the ride memorable is the Picton Palace that they had lunch at. Now every year she is excited to see the volunteers and to have lunch in a fancy building. In the end she states how more and more people join every year and what the ride raises money for.

This article reminded me of when I was younger. I got sick during a race and wanted to stop but with the support of my school I finished the race and even came in first. It shows how big of an impact people encouraging each other can make. You never know a person can be on the tipping point and just that little bit of encouragement can push them to the best of their abilities.

Ottawa Outdoor, Summer/Fall 2011, A Bike Ride to Remember, Shelia Ascroft, p. 18       

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