Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TED Talk: David Gallo shows underwater astonishments

Rating: ***

This TED Talk is very interesting and it is presented by David Gallo. This talk shows us jaw dropping sea creatures and the talents they hold. 

This talk is an enjoyable and informs us on creatures of the shallow and deep waters in our oceans. The slide show he presents show pictures and videos of deep sea bioluminesent creatures that flash and glow. The life that we have found in the oceans is only 3% of life in the ocean and already have discovered more life than in all the Amazon rain forest. With all the pollution and environmental problems in today's world, we need to take much better care of our world. 

This talk has showed me how we need to take care of our environment because we are all interconnected somehow. With all the life in the ocean this talk showed us how careful we need to be. The Outdoor Ed program lets us enjoy nature and experience it and this Ted Talk shows us how diverse and awesome nature can be. 

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