Thursday, June 21, 2012

TED Talk: Medical Miracle on Everest-Ken Kamler

Medical Miracle on Everest-Ken Kamler
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Medical miracles happen every day, though it is not too often you hear of them happening on one of the largest mountains in the world; Mont Everest. This TED talk recounts the miraculous survival story on this huge mountain.
Ken Kamler, an experienced doctor and Everest climber tells the story of the miracle he experienced on the top of Mount Everest. A climber reached the top of the summit but with extremely high winds, he called down to Kamler explaining how he was too weak to make it back down. Everyone assumed the climber was dead, though many hours later the climber unexpectedly walked into the medical tent Kamler was running on camp 4. He had been buried in the snow on the top of Everest for 36 hours. The frost bite and other injuries on this man were unbelievable and it truly was a miracle he was still alive. He explained that as he was at the top of the mountain he couldn’t even move and was ready to die, though he started thinking of his family and the life he still wanted to live; that will power and adrenaline was the only thing striving him to make it down to camp 4. His story is unbelievable. The moral of this TED talk is that when you have the will to survive, you can accomplish anything.
This TED talk is truly an unbelievable story and is one I would highly recommend anyone to watch. It is inspiring and shows you how powerful the human mind can really be. A fantastic video to watch!
Sourcing:  Kamler. Ken. March 2010. Medical Miracle on Everest.

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