Monday, October 29, 2012

A Mirror In The Mountains

A Mirror In The Mountains
By: Geoff Powter

Rating: ****

  A Mirror In The Mountain is a brief description of a outdoors course offered by Yamnuska Inc., telling the reader about some of the activities and advantages to taking this course.

  This outdoor course is very similar to Outdoor Ed at CW, but this one is an intense 3-month course where the goal is to get people comfortable with mountain climbing and learning to be a leader. People who take this course are aged from 19 to 34 years old, and have to pay a $7,700 fee in order to take part in this experience. In the article, some of the students are inexperienced and some don't even have any experince, but the course is designed to give them the general knowledge needed to succeed in the wilderness. By the end of the 3-month class, the students are experienced in mountain climbing and various other survival skills, and some of them will attain jobs in the outdoor industry.

  I think that this course sounds like an excellent learning experience, but I don't think that I would likely take it, mainly due to the fact that I intend on getting an eduction in University, but to anybody who is interested in a career in the outdoor industry, this course would be the perfect learning experience as to what kind of job they would be interested in, or even if they aren't sure about getting a job of this style.

Powter. Geoff. "A Mirror In The Mountains" Explore: Canada's Outdoor Adventure Magazine. (June/July 1997): 26-34. Print

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