Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Women Of Endurance: Erica Tingey

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This article is about one women who is motivated, determined, and passionate for mountain bike racing. Willing to change her lifestyle to fit in this amazing sport around her busy everyday schedule she finds a way to be able to pursue what she truly loves.

A women named Erica Tingey has mountain biking in her blood. She has been riding a mountain bike from the age of 14, and racing her first official race in March 2010. This woman shares with the reader how she is compassionate about her sport and how she fights through a crash she was in. Being sent to the hospital with two broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and battered dreams for the 2012 World Cup. She explains how it is not hard to get motivated to get out and train because this is her true calling and this is what she loves to do. 

This article is a true message to all of us, because if you love a sport that much you will always be motivated to get up and just do it. This message given by Erica Tingey will motivate anyone who has a dream to go for it.

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