Friday, October 19, 2012

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Duct Tape: Don't Hit The Trail Without It

Rating: ****

When I was younger my father had always found different ways to use duct tape to solve problems that we faced like a broken shoe sole or a leaky water bottle.

I thought about looking for an article about using duct tape around a campsite like patching a hole in a tent. I found this article with more uses then I could think off myself. Luckily while I was on the canoe trip I didn't need to use duct tape, except to hold on a band-aid.

I have always found that have a roll of duct tape close by can be very help full in most situations. Duct tape has never failed me when I have used it, but my mother wouldn't use as much as me because she doesn't find it to look the most appealing.

This duct tape article has given me many ideas on how use duct tape when camping and has made me want to use duct tape to solve all of my repair jobs, even though it wouldn't be the most durable or efficient.

Over all, I found the article to be informative and logical.

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