Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Canoe-over-canoe rescue How to do it right


Rating: ****

Paddling in groups can be very beneficial in many aspects, one of the aspects is safety.

In this article the author explains that when paddling in a group if someone's canoe flips, the other people can help them by performing a canoe-over canoe rescue. To start out the rescue we confirm that the paddlers in the water are safe and not injured, next we align the rescue boat perpendicular to the flipped canoe. Get the swimmers to grab onto the stern and bow of the rescue boat. The flipped canoe is grabbed at the stern and pulled onto the gunwales of the rescue boat. Once all the water is out of the canoe it can be flipped and slipped back into the water. The people in the rescue boat then grab hold of the canoe to stabilize it, allowing the swimmers to climb back on.

This article taught me a lot about how to perform a rescue from a canoe, which could of been really helpful on the Algonquin canoe trip if someone had flipped (though we were lucky and no one flipped). It also made me realize that I need to stabilize the newly flipped canoe for the swimmers to get in, I would never of thought of that if I hadn't read this article.

Westwood, Andrew, "Canoe-over-canoe rescue How to do it right", Ottawa Outdoors, Summer 2012 Edition, pg 31, Accessed October 21st 2012.

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