Sunday, October 21, 2012

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You Never Know Who Is A Ninja

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This is a short article about how truly amazing people can be. It explains how anyone can be a “ninja,” without you even realizing.

“A ninja is a man or woman who appears to be of average or below average athletic ability, but crushes.” It’s not about the fancy spandex or the bright shoes that makes someone a ninja. It’s about heart and determination they are willing to give. In this reading Angel Garbarino was basically stating “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you don’t know the contents on the inside, and thats what really matters. The first time she came across a “ninja” was when she was biking up a hill with a friend and it was a high interval so they had a hard time talking, and a man’s voice was speaking from behind them for 10 minutes without any huffing or puffing, so she assumed he was a cut, lean young man. She was way off. He was riding a pre-90’s bike with large antler-like bow bars while wearing a fanny pack. She described him as an old dude and fat.

It really shows that anyone can be a ninja, and never to judge people on how they look because even if they may not look like a super star athlete they can be incredible at running, biking, rock climbing, kayaking etc. It’s amazing what people can do. 

Garbarino, Angel. “You Never Know Who Is A Ninja.” Breather Magazine. Wednesday, 17 October 2012. Web.

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