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Bottled Water. The industry, the marketing and the ruse

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Bottled Water
The industry, the marketing and the ruse

            This was by far one of the more interesting articles that I've read.  I am one of many people who are strongly opinionated on bottled water vs. tap water, and this article provided lots of information.  The article is against bottled water, and has three main points that It pushes.  The corruption of the industry, the phony marketing, and what's really in bottled water.

            One of the main reasons that Coca-Cola and Pepsi switched to bottled water was schools.  In schools, where their colas were sold from vending machines, healthier eating is being promoted.  Because of this, their drinks are getting taken out of schools, and in response, they're bottling water and selling that instead.  This shows that they don't really care about nutrition in the least, they're more interested in making as much money as possible.  Also, labels on bottled water are very misleading.  On most of the labels, you see pictures of pristine lakes and springs, usually in a mountainous area.  This leads people to think highly of where the water comes from.  In reality, that's not where the water is coming from.  Some companies are literally filtering and bottling tap water, then selling it back to people.  Tap water is actually safer to drink, too.  As an example, the city of Toronto tests its water every four hours.  On the other hand, bottled water plants only have inspections every 3 - 6 years!

            In conclusion, this article was interesting to read, and should probably be read by anyone who cares what they're drinking.

Fletcher, Karl. Harden, Andrea. Bottled Water The industry, the marketing and the ruse.  Forum, Winter 2006 Print

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