Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hiking with children doesn’t have to be miserable.

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Author unknown.

Rating: *** Very good.

This article gave a new perspective on hiking and some of the challenges that might occur to people at different stages of their outdoor life.  Hiking with children doesn’t have to be miserable, is an article clearly written by a woman and a mother who has experience hiking on her own and now with a child in tow.

In the article, the author briefly explains the advantages to getting back on your feet after having a baby and the pleasure carrying your infant on the trail. She then moves on to cover hiking with an older infant and how to choose the proper equipment to help make the experience enjoyable for everyone.  Once your child is walking, the author gives insight into ways to involve your children in preparing for the hiking trip and make it interesting and fun, to keep them wanting to go out again.

Although not at a point in my life where I might be travelling with any small children anytime soon, it was still an interesting article that I can keep in mind for the future.  It also makes me keep in mind that the equipment needed for hiking will continue to change based on my needs at that time, whether the changes are in the trail itself or in my life. It also summarizes the need to research equipment for outdoor activities, observe other people and maybe ask them questions about why they chose the gear they did and how it has helped them (or not).

Hiking with children doesn’t have to be miserable, Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Web. Accessed October 23, 2012.



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