Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hit The Trails!-Kyle Den Bak
Rating: ****
            This article illustrates the important health benefits of trail jogging and contrasts running on machines with the real outdoors. The author explains the main differences in terms of health benefits between using machines, and off-road trails. This Article will interest anyone who loves the outdoors.
            The main message of the article is that running on trails hold more benefits than running on machines. The author backs up his thesis by relating to how nature allows us to relax and pass time, as well as how running off road exercises your lower leg muscles. The author tells the reader a personal example of how he once sustained an injury after exercising solely on machines indoors for the winter, and then going back to outdoor running.  The article also educates the reader about the mental benefits that come from foot eye coordination involved in trail jogging, and includes tips for people who want to run on trails themselves.
            I enjoyed this article because the author’s style of incorporating facts, with personal experiences kept me wanting to find out more as I read. This article reinforces my love for nature, and I can relate to much of what the author has said about trails from my personal experiences. The article made me think about how being in nature is more mentally stimulating for the senses and better for your health.
            I recommend this article for anyone who is physically active and enjoys jogging or hiking.

Bak, Kyle D. "Hit The Trails!" Ottawa Outdoors June 2012: 1. Web

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