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Playing for keeps in black bear country

An interesting article on surviving bear country(that) should be read by all
nature enthusiasts and even the lesser adventurers among us.
I have seen many clips with Chuck Norris getting mauled by bears and I know that if it were a real fight he would not survive, unless of course he had read this article or the similar.

The article teaches to hang food, garbage, toiletries and even, surprisingly, cooking clothes.
Had I never read this, I would probably have been attacked by a bear, except for of course, as the article states, that only black bear live in this area, and are normally non predatory towards humans.
I was however warned to the dangers of the few rogue ones that do exist that will attack humans without reason, but was comforted by the "vital tatistic" that only about 80 black bears of about 100,000 in Ontario live in Gatineau park, and still yet there has never been a bear attack in the Gatineau park!
It has warned to stay calm, and talk sternly towards the bear, letting it know that you are human and not prey, and that if it stands up it may simply be sniffing the air to identify you, not necessarily about to attack, and that they may "bluff charge" as a scare tactic, but, thanks to this article, I know that if I turn and haul butt, I will likely be a rotting carcass soon enough. the author, Heather Burke, always sleeps with a canoe paddle beside her when in bear country!

Concluding, I would like to simply say "It's better to be safe than sorry!" and that being prepared for an attack, while unlikely unnecessary, can still be useful and save your life!

Burke, Heather. RATTLE THOSE POTS AND PANS Playing for keeps in black bear country. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, 2012, web.   

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