Monday, November 5, 2012

Article 3

Maybe you're already a triathlete but you just haven't realized it By: Geordie McConnell


     This article was quite motivational in explaining how anybody, no matter what age or fitness level, can become a triathlete, provided they put in enough time and effort.

     This article points out that even as kids we were triathletes without even realizing. We would bike to the lake, throwing our bikes carelessly aside as we sprinted towards the cold, refreshing water and swam to the raft in the middle of the lake. The term “triathlete” didn't actually appear until 1974, when a group of adults decided to do the same thing over set distances, all while being timed. The article notes that finding the right race distance to match your fitness level is actually quite simple. It all depends on how much time each week you have available to exercise while still maintaining a balanced lifestyle with family, friends, work and other priorities. If you can fit in 6 hours of exercise a week, a sprint triathlon is within your reach. If you have time for 10 hours or more, then an Ironman may be right for you.

     This article gave some rather interesting points on how anybody can race a triathlon, no matter the circumstance. Ever since we've been kids, triathlon has been in our blood, so whats stopping you from running one this year?

By Ryan Best

McConnell, Geordie; “Maybe you're already a triathlete”; Ottawa Outdoors; Summer/Fall 2010; Print

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