Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Emergency Snowshoes Will Get You Out Of Trouble

Emergency snowshoes will get you out of trouble
Chantal Macartney

If you are ever in an emergency and need to travel in the snow, snowshoes will save you time and energy.

Don't have snowshoes on you? That doesn't matter you can make your own! This article talks about three different kinds of snowshoes. The first being evergreen bough snowshoes made from evergreen branches  these snowshoes are very fast to make but wet snow piles up on them very quickly making them quite heavy. The second snowshoe you can make is a sapling bear paw snowshoe. This one takes longer to make but work great in deep snow. Lastly, the pole snowshoes are made when you are around a lot of saplings.

 The author explains how to make the snowshoes and why they are used. In the cold winter snowshoes help travel easier in the snow at faster distances. If ever I get caught on a back road and need to find help I will make snowshoes from what I learned while reading this article.

By: Hailey Bell
Ottawa Outdoor Magazine. Web December 4. Emergency Snowshoes Will Get You Out of Trouble. Macartney, Chantal. Web.

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