Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skate Skiing Gear: How to Choose

Julie Eiselt
Rating ****
            On the subject of cross-country skiing, this article provides excellent advice for anyone interested in starting out in the style of skate skiing. The author goes through all of the essential equipment to do the sport and details the basics of what to look for when purchasing your first set of skating skis.  This guidance is very useful to make sure the skier understands their kit and how it should fit them, and acquire it in the correct manner to get the most out of the sport.
            This article provides a clear explanation of the characteristics of each piece of gear in a skating ski set, whether its the skis themselves, the boots, the poles or the bindings. By describing the physical aspects of each piece of gear and common variations that a skier may encounter, the reader gets a really good picture of what each item is, how it is used, and what would be appropriate for their size and level of skill. The author has included a few pictures and illustrative diagrams to help better understand the parts of the equipment that are being described. The article also discusses certain techniques that can be used while skate skiing and provides related advice in what to look for in appropriate gear to help the skier improve their skills. So before you want to go spend lots of money on cross-country skis, its worth reading this article to make sure that you are going about it in the right way.
            I highly recommend this article for anybody interested in purchasing skate skis gear or just simply interested in learning more about the sport itself.

Matthew Bell

Reference: Eiselt, Julie.  "Skate Skiing Gear: How to Choose". REI learn. Winter sports. Nov 20, 2012

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