Monday, January 21, 2013

Backcountry purification systems 101

by: Kathleen Wilker

Rating: *****

This article talks about how to purify water and some other equipment you could use to purify water. Kathleen Wilker starts off by saying how you can get water from home but it's only good for one day if your going on a long trip. She also says that even thoght that water is crystale clear dosen't mean there no bacteria in it thats harmful to you. Also that sugars from a juice can be a good bredding spot for bacteria so clean out bottle really well before putting purified water in them.
Kathleen also says that you can get other equipment that you can use to purify water like manual pumps that you can get for 80$ for a good wiorking pump, a gravity filter for around 70$ to 100$ depending on how much water can be purified at a time and ultraviolet light pens that in 90 seconds can completely kill all living and none-living organisms in a bottle of un-purified water.

This article taught me that there are more ways to purify then i thought and that purification dosen't have to take long.

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