Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brian Kerry ocean beauty

      Brian Skerry reveals ocean’s beauty—and horror By: Brian Skerry
      This Ted Talk is a well information and interesting Interview with Brian Skerry about his adventures roaming around the great seas.
        He’s is a deep sea photographer that is telling us the dangers that the animals have to face, as well as the beauty they bring. He explains very clearly how Harp seals, sharks, whales and other animals are hurt gravely in the water that they live in. He is talking about how many of them die a year and his stories and his encounters with these different animals.
     This changed the way I think about animals in the water, because I always knew that they were in harm because of human intervention, but I did not give much attention to the natural disasters that were hurting them. I learned that there are so many species of animals out there that people don’t even know about, that are being killed every day. It has inspired me and makes me want to try and help them the best way that I can. It affected me greatly and now I can’t stop thinking about the poor baby harp seals that are being bludgeoned.
     I feel like this was an extremely well prepared Ted Talk with a lot of information regarding the subject he has chosen to talk about. He did not give any information on we could help out the animals that are being hurt though.
       Brian Kerry. Mission Blue Voyage. “Brian Skerry reveals ocean’s beauty-and horror’’.www.ted.com January 15th, 2013. http://www.ted.com/talks/brian_skerry_reveals_ocean_s_glory_and_horror.html

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