Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Layers For Winter Sports - Aurora LaJambre

Layers For Winter Sports - Aurora LaJambre

Rating - ***

This article covers all of the basics of layering clothing while participating winter sports. It was clear and concise but if you know the basics of clothing layering this article does not provide much insight. It would however be very helpful for people who are unaware of proper clothing layering.

In the article, it discusses the three layers of clothing you should use for winter activities and their purposes. Your outer layer should protect you from weather, your mid-layer provides insulation to keep you warm, and your base layer wicks moisture from your body. It also talks about the types of materials that are ideal for each of these layers.

This article would be quite insightful for lots of people, but we have already gone over practically all of the material discussed in the article in our class. There are however a bit of more detailed information closer to the end of the article that I had not previously learned like staying away from zippers on base layers and having a turtleneck as a base layer is a good idea as well.

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