Saturday, January 19, 2013

Learning to Float Above the Ground

It’s easy on Snowshoes
By: Cheryl Christensen

Rating: *****

This article by Cheryl Christensen was very extensive on snowshoeing. It tells how she became interested in snowshoeing, snowshoe parts, how to pick the best snowshoe for yourself, what to bring along with you when you go snowshoeing, tip and terms of snowshoeing, and how to take care of your snowshoes.

The author explained how when she first tried snowshoeing in 6th grade on the traditional bear paw styled snowshoes she hated it, but trying it again on the more evolved “cyborgian combinations of synthetics and steel, with ice-grabbing teeth on the bottom to improve traction” she was instantly hooked. She says that all you need is a little bit of patience when learning how to snowshoe and you’ll soon love it in no time. The article teaches the anatomy of the snowshoe, which type of snowshoe you should buy based on the type of snowshoeing you’ll be doing, as well as items you should bring along whenever you go snowshoeing. The author goes over some of the Terms and Tips of snowshoeing such as what “Breaking Trail” means, and how to Dress for the Occasion. The article also talks about how to find snowshoe if you’re female since women can’t always use the same type of snowshoe as men. Finally the article tells you how to take care of your snowshoes.

I gave this article a rating of five stars because it held tons of information on snowshoeing, was well writing, and well organized.  I’d recommend this article to anyone who wanted to learn about snowshoeing because it covers a lot about the subject. After reading this article I feel prepared for when I ever go snowshoeing.

Christensen, Cheryl. “It’s easy on Snowshoes”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Online. January 19th, 2012. <>

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