Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My close call the night of the wolves


By: Bruce Watts

 Rating ***

            This article by Bruce Watts is a short but well written piece about the near life threatening scenario he faced just over a year ago in Algonquin Park. He begins his story by explaining how his life had seemed to hit rock bottom, and that he needs some peace in his sanctuary - the backwoods. 

             The adventure starts out great with gorgeous weather, perfect for back packing. His camp went up without a hassle leaving him much time on his cliff, a place where he can have time to himself. The idea was working, he was finally at peace.

             That night while reading a book he hears the symphony of the wolves begin. After about five minutes the music stops, and he hears a large animal charging towards his tent. Bruce is frozen in fear. He hears the wolf then trip over his guy rope, get up and then disappear into the woods.

             I think this article is very important to read as a reminder of how deadly the wild can be and how you have to respect it. Even though the wolf didn’t attack him doesn’t mean the next time it won’t. Bruce should have taken proper precautions to prevent this from happening. Checking if he was going into wolf prone areas and properly hanging his food

            As well this article shows the peace that you can find with your self while returning back to nature. As well beauty of the outdoors can really eliminate all your problems in your life no matter the size.

 Watts, Bruce. “My close call the night of the wolves.” Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Oct. 2012: 17-18. Print.

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