Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thinking of not wearing your helmet? Think again.

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Have you ever thought about going for a bike ride, and not wearing your helmet? I’m sure many people have. But it’s a bad idea, and wearing a helmet could save your life.

This article basically tells the story of a man, and his son getting into a serious accident. The weather had been great that day, and his son decided to squeeze in a bike ride. He did everything right; told his dad the route he was taking, wore a helmet, and took his cell phone with him, but that didn’t prevent the accident.
At around 7 pm, someone called his father’s house and informed him that his son had been in an accident. He had a serious concussion, and a broken nose. When his father got to the scene, he saw his son out cold, with a pool of blood around his head. According to the doctor, if he had not been wearing his helmet, the accident would have been fatal.

This made me think about things such as, how many people go without wearing a helmet and end up dead? Why don’t people wear helmets? Are they trying to be cool? Do they think they’re invincible; nothing’s going to happen to them? Some people may think this, but it could happen to anyone. If people just chose the simple task of wearing a helmet, it could save their life.

I would suggest this article to anyone. It may make someone realize what a helmet could do, and what not wearing one could do as well. So next time you think of not wearing a helmet, think again.

Keen, Gord. “Thinking of not wearing a helmet? Think again”. Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2008. Print.

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