Friday, March 22, 2013

Article Assignment 1

Dogs and Paddles – Dave Brown

Rating: ***
Dogs and Paddles is a very helpful article that talks about how you can bring your dog along on a canoe trip and shares great tips on how to do this in safe manner. The article teaches you about what equipment is essential for canoeing with your dog and how to train your dog to be accustomed to the canoe.

Firstly, the article informs you that your dog must be used to being in your canoe before being able to handle being on the water. It states that if you give your dog treats in the canoe it will associate it with them and they will enjoy your canoe. When you start off canoeing with your dog, you should start with short trips, so they slowly become familiar with them. A huge part of helping your dog feel comfortable is the equipment that you possess for your canoe. For instance it is very important that you buy your dog life jacket, as well as other necessities that will keep your dog happy.

Overall, I found this article very helpful and interesting since I have a puppy at home who my family is hoping to take canoeing this summer. I will definitely try the tips that the author suggests and this article will definitely make bringing my puppy for a canoe ride much easier.

Brown, Dave. “Dogs and Paddles”. Ottawa Outdoors . Spring 2012. Page 12. <>. Web. 21 March 2013.  

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