Monday, April 15, 2013

Ice Fishing

By: Gord Pyzer
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In this article a newer efficient way to store fishing rods has been created.

There have been many complications in to trying to store fishing rods during ice fishing. Normally in the summer, rod gloves and rod socks are used, but when using these it requires you to fiddle with tiny snaps, clips, and tackle boxes. By fiddling with those items, you have to take of your mitts/gloves and in winter is too cold for that. Or some people just throw their rods in a nylon bag or pack and by the time you have reached your destination all the hooks and wire are tangled. Therefore a new fishing rod cover has been invented for easier usage in the winter.

This fishing rod cover is called “Polar Rod Guards”. They are made from entire hard plastic, and very portable. By having a hard plastic case this prevents hooks or wires getting caught on anything, so you can slide it right on your rod with no hastle. They are neater and much more efficient than other covers.
Pyzer, Gord. "An Efficent way to store ice fishing rods". Outdoor Canada. March 12th 2013. Web.

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