Sunday, June 16, 2013

Article assignment 2


Smallest galaxy ever discovered bolsters dark matter theory

-Andrew Fazekas



          This article is about the discovery of the smallest ever galaxy. The miniature galaxy shines with the power output of 900 suns, that's a very low number compared to our galaxy which shines 20 billion times brighter. The only reason this was classified as a true galaxy and not just a star cluster is because of a halo of dark matter around it holding it together.


          This is an amazing article. I have always been intrigued by space, and this is exactly why. The universe is filled with so many mysteries and its always amazing when one is solved or at least a part of it is. This really makes me want to learn more about whats out there but I do have other plans for what I'm going to do but being someone to research space would certainly be fun.


fazekas, andrew. "smallest galaxy ever discovered bolsters dark matter theory" national geographic. 11 jun 2013. star struck. 13 jun 2013 <>.


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