Monday, June 17, 2013

North Grenville Connects the Spots – Kristy Strauss

Rating - ****

This article discusses the major overhaul that has happened over the past couple years to North Grenville’s networks of trails. Starting in 2007, The Integrated Community Trail Strategy started to turn all of North Grenville’s isolated trails into one giant network that connects all of the main attractions.

The goal of this article is to inform readers about the massive changes that have happened to North Grenville’s trail system, in hopes of encouraging more hiker sand cyclists to go there and explore the vast network of trails. Instead of having multiple, separate trails, hikers can now get from the Rideau Canal to the University of Guelph campus, if they have to time to hike it all. Or maybe visit the Ferguson Forestry Centre along the path that goes through a maple orchard.

I found this article quite captivating, because North Grenville is rather close to Ottawa. This article could result in me heading up there for a day to walk around and explore. Many of the trails are marked with signposts explaining the local fauna and flora, or the history of the Rideau Canal along the trail that runs alongside it. Overall, this article was interesting and informative, without being too boring.

Strauss, Kristy. “North Grenville Connects the Spots.” Adventura Summer 2013. 6 Jun. 2013.


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