Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Air France Flight 358

Rating: **** 4/5

Air France 358 is a horrific flight that departed from Paris, France to Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 2, 2005.

 The airplane touched down on runway 24L at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The aircraft failed to stop on the runway, descended abruptly into a creek, and burst into flames as it rested throughout the end of the runway. With 309 people aboard on the aircraft, 297 of them were passengers (2 of them were infants with no seats) and 12 crew members, whom all survived, but 12 sustainably major injuries. The accident was handled with high profession by the crew members. The airplane was out of control due to the extreme weather conditions, which includes: severe winds, heavy rain, and localized thunderstorms. Some passengers even reported the plane as rocking from side to side before landing. Therefore, the Canadian Minister of Transport referred to Flight 358 as a "miracle" because all passengers survived the tragedy.

The abrupt crash had me thinking of the strength of the wind and generally, "mother nature", and how much human force would be exerted to produce such a power to wipe out a 15 - 20 tone airplane. I also learned that there will always be a chance of survival in most situations if the people have the morale to survive and not to panic.


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