Thursday, November 7, 2013

Climber cuts off arm to escape-Rene Sanchez and Kimberly Edds

Rating: ***

Everyone knows the story about the Hobby-climber and hiker Aron Ralston, who had to cut off his own arm with a pocketknife to escape of the Canyon, he was trapped in 127 hours before. Especially from the movie of by Danny Boyle. It all happened in 2003. 

The article is an old one, which was in the news shortly after the event took place. Its about the 27-year old Aron Ralston, who was expecting a nice daylong adventure in canyoneering, which combines hiking and climbing in the Canyon. But it turned into a disaster, when he was climbing over a boulder in a 3-foot-wide section of Bluejohn Canyon when the rock shifted and landed on his right hand and forearm. He stucked in this spot for 5 and a half days (127 hours), without food and just something to drink. on the 5. day he decided to cut his arm to escape, which he managed with his pocket knife. He climbed up and hiked 7 miles threw the canyon, when finally a helicopter, which was searching him , founded him and brought him to a hospital near by. He has now a fakearm, and still loves hiking.
The article and the whole Story of this man, made me think about how hard decisions can be sometimes, when it comes to situations, when you have to decide about your life and your death. I learned that you never go alone hiking, even if you often hike and are good at it. Always have a cellphone with you to call for help, and if you go hiking alone, tell someone so he could call the emergency if you're not coming back at the time you said. And you should always have enough food with you for like 2 days, if you went the wrong way. It affected me in the way, he had a hard decision to make and the way that he deals with that. It made me think about what i have to take with me on my next Hikingtrip and that I shouldn't go somewhere I don't know, and pay more attention on safety.

It was a really informational article, that has a really good story behind it.

May 03, 2003. The Washington Post.

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