Monday, November 11, 2013

Sloshing in the Ocean's Bathtub - Anita Elash (Ally Baker)

Rating : 4/5 STARS ****

            Often in our lives as students or even just as human beings we are told facts about life but have you ever wondered if it really is fact? Perhaps this statement is someone’s biased opinion or maybe they are communicating the wrong information. That being said there are many individuals worldwide who put a great deal of research into making these facts what they are and our job is to have an open mind.
          In this article we see fact from a different point of view. It is such a common statement that the reason for change in sea levels is because of global warming and the destruction of humans but is this statement necessarily true? Scientists have argued that they believe the change in sea level is from the world itself. “It’s sort of like tilting a bucket of water, the amount of water just gets redistributed,” says Jon Mound.  These scientists believe that the changes are due to the changes in size of ocean mountain rages which follow variations in the rate at which the earth’s tectonic plates are created. Although this idea is different from the worldly known fact we can see the truth in it.
          This article had an impact on my thoughts of the world. As naïve people we sometimes just listen and believe what we are being told but in some cases it is important to keep an open mind and think about what other possibilities there are. I was inspired to put more thought into things and to do my fair share of research before simply accepting a fact.

Anita Elash. "Sloshing in the Ocean's Bathtub". Equinox May 1998: 16. Print

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