Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Celebration of Winter Camping

Rating ***.5

    This is an article about the ten reasons why winter camping is better than summer camping written by Kevin Callan.  Kevin explains in detail ten points that he feels proves some of the advantages of camping in the winter.  Number one reason is the absolute silence because there are no leaves or the buzz of bugs.  It's strange at first but you get used to it.  The second reason is you are able to camp in unusual places like the swamp because it is frozen.  This is a good area because it is sheltered and has dry wood.  In the winter making a fire is a neccessity so you learn the proper way to build one and what wood to use this is reason three.  The fourth reason is that there are less people camping in the winter so it is less crowded.  Reason number five is that there are no bugs to bother you.  Kevin explains the feeling you get when you lay on the ice and listen to the cracking noises underneath.  You can't do this when you are summer camping.  The seventh reason is that you actually see more wildlife because they are easier to see on the white snow.  He talks about how clear the skies are at night to see the stars.  Reason number nine is winter camping gives you a good excuse to buy new gear that you may not need for summer camping.  The tenth reason for winter camping is that it gives you bragging rights to say that you did it because it is harder than camping in the summer.
    I enjoyed reading this article because I thought that winter camping would be much worse.  These ten reasons were interesting and showed the positive side to winter camping.
    I recommend this article to anyone who may be thinking of camping in the winter and would like to know the benefits.

Callan, Kevin.  In Celebration of Winter Camping.  Explore magazine. Winter 2013.

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