Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips - Geoff Irons

Rating: *****

The article explained each tip and factor about winter camping and backpacking thoroughly. When you are camping in the winter it is vital that you take precautions and prepare for your trip as it can be dangerous if you do not take winter camping seriously.

This article by Geoff Irons is very interesting and covers many factors and tips on winter camping and backpacking. He talks about, pre-trip planning, cold-weather clothing, the ten essentials, winter gear considerations,route-finding in winter, snow and avalanche safety gear, making camp in the snow, types of winter shelters, cold-weather health concerns and sanitation in the snow.

I found the article very beneficial as it states how to build a quinzhee in a safe and efficient way so i can bare this in mind for the winter camp. It also states the layering of clothing that you need to keep you warm, the base layer such as synthetic and merino wool fabrics, a middle layer your insulating clothing and a outer layer being your winter jacket.

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