Monday, January 20, 2014

Brian Skerry: The Ocean's Glory and the Horror

I was instantly drawn to this article due to the title. It is about marine life and I am a scuba diver and I love doing it. I had some cool experiences like swimming through some caves in Mexico for example, but the marine life was quiet limited there and it looked semi-dead. In this TED TALK Brian Skerry showed a lot of ecosystems and species having a really hard time coping with overfishing. I like how he talked about the resilience of the ocean and how it can bounce back like the habitat in New Zealand I was quiet amazed that how fast it would come back to life. I was also impressed that New Zealand started taking steps into healing their ecosystems again. It also shows how fragile they are. By just removing one species will ruin the entire system. So for sure I totally agree that we need to keep the sea better by fishing less and finding different options of disposing of waste. I think there is going to have people start influencing governments world wide to change the laws and start preserving the waters, but it will require a large quantity of people to provoke this cause, because it's not going to change on its own. Brian Skerry: The ocean's glory -- and horror. TED. June 2010. Web. January 7 2014.

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