Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hiking Trip Reflection

I had been excited for this trip ever since the start of ODE, it came upon us quite quickly in the year and we may have not been entirely ready for this but none the less it was a great experience.

Camping is one of my hobbies, but hiking was a first. I was nervous knowing that we would be walking for several hours a day with an extremely heavy pack on our back, but after a while i began to get into the rhythm of it and by the second day it seemed like nothing.

Ill admit we made  mistakes, including leaving a bag of bread out a night which some lucky raccoon manage to escape with, thankfully it was only one. As well, we hung our other food incorrectly, but it was untouched in the morning. A small mistake was choosing the tent, simply an issue in comfort. We were 5 in a small tent and i would have preferred a larger one. After the second day, large blisters formed on my feet even though i was wearing appropriate footwear, i won't get into detail of them but they certainly weren't pleasant.

Overall, the trip was amazing and so were the people. It was very peaceful and helped me disconnect, i felt at ease the rest of the trip after getting used to hiking. This trip will certainly be one of my fondest memories of high school and i couldn't recommend it more.

Jaden Allaire

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