Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Start a Fire in the Rain- Cliff Jacobson

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Although this article is a little lengthy it has a lot of useful information. But I would like to point out the technique works great if you have two people, what if you were alone? Or what if the other person was injured? Then this article wouldn't be very useful.  

This Artcile explains to us how to start a fire even in the rain, even if the wood is all damp. Anyone can make a fire on a bone dry day but what about a wet day? It shows us step by step what we will need and what we will need to do.  

My knowledge about fires has broaden after reading this article. I now know how to survive even in a wet climate. I do recommend everyone to read this article, you can never be too safe. Mother nature is unpredictable and a little knowledge never killed anyone.

Cliff Jacobson is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and the author of more than a dozen popular outdoors books.

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