Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to start a fire in the rain - Cliff Jacobson

Rating ****

This artical talks about how you can start a fire even when it is raining, it is much easier to build a fire when it is bone dry and plenty of dry paper and fire starter as too when it is raining and the ground it moist and wet. It explains what materials you will need to make the fire such as a sharp knife, a folding saw and a small hatchet. Describes the steps on what to do, to build the fire and how to place the wood that you have collected.

I think this artical is pretty good and very handy cause when you're hiking and its raining, it can get pretty cold. I learned that its not to troubling to make a fire in the rain but when you're with someone, this artical doesn't describe how to do it on your own in case you are not with someone.

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