Monday, January 20, 2014

Jake Charlebois

John Wooden Ted Talk



I thought it was a great speech. Some people might think its old-fashioned, like always appearing neat and clean. These were good things to hear and while it could be thought differently by different people these pieces of advice are still good to hear. He always said to be on time, be neat and clean.


I think it says something that people need to be told not to be late. Be on time.


I had a look at his Pyramid of Success and it looked very interesting. I liked how he talked about him being a teacher and how it changed him. Plus he also talked about his very successful basketball coaching career at UCLA. 


He talked a lot about the difference between winning and succeeding. He has a very interesting way of looking at it and what I thought that was very cool. I thought that was a great speech and there’s nothing I would change about it.

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