Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My side of the mountain- Jean Craighead George

Rating ****

This is a book about a young boy named Sam Gribley who is unhappy with his life, so he heads out to live in the woods. It’s a story of his adventures in the wilderness.

In this book it talks of teenager named Sam Gribley who ran away from home to live in Catskill Mountains near Delhi, New York. He had with him a penknife, ball of cord, an axe, and 40 dollars. His original goal was to find the old cottage that his family owned in the moutains. In his journey to survive he had used all of his skills to make the mountains a home for himself. He makes his shelter, finds food and along the way makes a couple of friends. His life was a hard one but he enjoyed it with all its twists and turns.

This book was really inspirering because of sams dittermination to survive on his own. This book made me think about how hard it is to survive on your own and even with all of its troubles that hardwork pays off. In this book the author had chosen to leave diagrams of snares, edible plants and even shelter designs which was really interesting to read. It showed the different things that would be helpful in the wilderness. After reading this book, l developed a new meaning to survival and it will change the way i will act in the wilderness. All in all this book a great read, that is full of adventure.

My side of the mountain By:Jean Craighead George, published in 1959  


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  2. Sounds like a great book. Citation needs to be organized properly.