Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paddle Faster

Paddle Faster
“Just Buy a New Boat”

Rating: **

This is an article which helps you paddle faster.

The method of which the author suggests to paddle a heck of a lot faster than before: purchase the new Tiderace Pace 18, the 2013 sea kayak model by Tiderace. This article highlights the many joys of efficient paddling, the design of the boat, and discussing myths about the sea kayak.

This article has made me very interested in the boat. I do not wish to go to the lengths of buying one, but it the design interested me. Looking at pictures online, the kayak is very round and narrow. To me, it would seem this would make the kayak unstable. I am sure the new kayak is great, but I would have liked this article to provide other methods to paddle faster (strokes, paddles, tips. etc.). This article is good for anyone looking to purchase a new sea kayak, and not as good for people who are trying to make the most out of their strokes.

Paddle Faster. By Neil Shulman. Kayak Touring. September 12th 2013.

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