Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sleeping Tips for Campers

Rating- ****

The article Sleeping Tips for Campers tells us useful ways to help you sleep better when camping in the wilderness because there are people who have trouble falling asleep on trips like this.
The article provides many options. It tells us the pros and cons of many different gear that you can bring including the size and comfort of some platforms to sleep on. It goes into detail about each platform.
It tells us about self-inflating foam pads, air pads, foam pads, air mattresses, cots and of course the hammock. Although those are the basics, the article also talks about other techniques and sleeping aids.
Some of them are pillows or earplugs and more. The article also informs us about the importance of adapting to sleeping outdoors and how we can achieve it along with other tips such as repeating routines before bed or eating something. Lastly it tells us tips overnight when you're sleeping as well as helping to adapt to warmer temperatures.

This article helps me a lot because on the trips that we have gone with this class, there are days where i just can't fall asleep and so i just lay awake at night until a few hours later, when i finally fell asleep. This article will hopefully help me next year if i remember it.

Sleeping Tips for Campers

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