Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Bother Leaving the House? – Ben Saunders

Ted Talk: Why Bother Leaving the House? – Ben Saunders

“Why Bother Leaving the House” is an inspirational Ted Talk given by Ben Saunders, a polar explorer who is a big fan of adrenaline and adventure.

In 2004, Ben left his home to go on a 10 week trek alone, across the North Pole. Ben accomplished this goal, which many called the impossible, and became the youngest person to ski to the North Pole alone. In this motivating Ted Talk, he talks about his adventures, as well as the stories from other inspirational outdoor fanatics. He also explores the concept of leaving one’s home and the fears that many face. He goes to say that lives today are more comfortable and safer than they ever were before. As well, all information is in reach of anyone at any time, therefore people don’t need to leave their home; they don’t need to step out of their comfort zone to learn and explore, however he also says that true inspiration and learning can only come when faced with challenges. Ben Saunders urges everyone to leave the comfort of their home, and have their own adventures every once in a while.

I personally thought that this Ted Talk was very moving and quite exceptional. There was one line that Ben said that I really liked, “We could all benefit from getting outside the house a little more often, if only we could summon up the courage. I certainly would employ you to open up the door just a little bit and take a look at what’s outside”. I found that these lines really spoke volumes to me. I find that many people I know, myself included, tend to always rest in the confines of our own comfort zones, never daring to try something new or to go for what we want or believe in. This Ted Talk inspires me to open the metaphoric front door and find my own adventures.

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