Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why bother leaving the house?

Rating: ***

This Ted talk was made by a polar explorer, he'd came up with the statistic that he'd spend 2% of his life within the arctic circle. An extremely impressive statistic which proves how dedicated he is to his work and lifestyle. Giving him enough credibility and respect to earn him the honour of completing a TED talk, which is generally a good sign that you've made it.

The question he tries to answer is, in this day, we have so much technology to live the adventures and see what others are doing, why bother leave the house? If you can see what someone has already explored or done, what difference does it make if you go in person. He explains that it is basic human nature, to explore, to dare and to challenge one's self. Stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new is what is truly what it is like to live.

The speaker, Ben Saunders, really did bring up a good amount of points. He spoke about how you can just eat and make money and you will live, but working and eating is not about being alive, but allowing you to live. It is the gateway to new possibilities, simply being alive isn't truly living, you must go one step further. I agreed with all of his points and was in envy of him. He's done many trips that have never been done before, explored places and seen things that no one ever have or will again. He also explained how so much of the world is left unexplored, just because we inhabit each of the continents, does not mean we have yet to explore all of it. The Antarctic still lies vastly open, as inspiring as this video was, it wasn't convincing enough for me to drop my current aspirations and leave for the south pole. However, it did help in convincing me to leave the house and challenge myself just a bit more. Set a goal, complete it, live more and try something new.

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