Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rating: **** Miranda Miller
If you have never gone winter camping before, this article goes through the many things needed to be considered before going on a winter camp.
This article explains the many things you must ask yourself before going on the trip, such as do I know the area? Do I have the proper equipment… etc. Miranda lists the main things you must need and things to be aware of. You must do some research of some of the dangers of winter camping. Frostbite and hypothermia are the biggest dangers while winter camping and you must know how to deal with them and how to prevent yourself from getting them. You must do such things as building the right shelter to keep the cold out and have an appropriate sleeping bag to keep you cozy. Also the stay warm your body uses lots of calories so be sure your meals consist of a little bit more fat to keep you warmer.
I think the biggest thing that affected me when I read this article is knowing how much more fat my meals need to consist and how I need to eat just to keep warm. I never knew how important calories are while winter camping. I’m really surprised that it’s the smallest things that could really affect your trip.
I really recommend people to read this article before attending any winter camps. It’s a great read and you could learn a lot.

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