Monday, March 17, 2014

All Who Wander Are Not Lost – Micheal Mechan

All Who Wander Are Not Lost – Micheal Mechan

Rating: ***

This is a short editorial found in the beginning pages an old Canoe Roots print. The intriguing title and depiction of a lone canoeist overlooking a picturesque river alone is enough to pull any calm seeking outdoorsmen in, but the content rings true on so many levels it continues to pull you in.

The author, obviously an avid canoeist as you read the article, speaks about the pressure to find self-discovery and calmness and deeper meaning in life while out for a paddle. He continues to be plagued with the same trivial thoughts as back in the office or at home, and feels quilt over this. However looking back, that’s when he finds the answers to the questions he knows he should be asking. He concludes by saying paddling really shouldn’t be something you try hard to do and if you’re enjoying yourself that should be enough.

I enjoyed this short text. It had little to no deep plot, meaning, or learning experience. However what the writer did convey was that there should be no pressure to solve all of life’s problems while out for a paddle, if you want to so be it, but if you want to try and figure out what’s for dinner instead all the same to you. There shouldn’t be any pressure while paddling as long as you’re enjoying yourself with a full or empty mind then that’s all that matters. I enjoyed how he didn’t preach on the self-discovery sales pitch but more on the enjoy-the-moment aspect of canoeing.    

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