Monday, March 17, 2014

Asian Carp Eggs Found Near Lynxville, Wisc.

Asian Carp Eggs Found Near Lynxville, Wisc.

Released: 3/11/2014 3:14:29 PM

This article explains how the Invasive Asian carp eggs have been found in upper Mississippi river. They talk about how this could have an economic impact on the upper Mississippi river. USGS plans to sample and research egg samples on the ongoing research project. The Asian carp have been threating North America for the past 5 decades. They have been spotted in northern part of the USA and southern parts of Canada. People are worried that if they breach the Great lake. The ecosystem will be damage. If they have been spotted Lynnville. This mean they are 250 miles upriver then where they were last recorded.  In ten to twenty years, we may see them in the Ottawa river.

by Cole Munro

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