Friday, March 14, 2014

First Time Free-riders

by ‘Doddy’ of Mountain Biking UK Magazine
Rating: ****

The article I selected to read and review is an informative Freeride Guide for Beginners. Freeride is a branch off of cross country/downhill mountain biking. It focuses on technical skills and tricks on your bike like riding on ladders, teeter-totters, drops, wall rides etc.; however, this article is mainly about ladders and drops.
The secrets of free riding are found by learning muscle movement on your bike on all types of terrain while maintaining speed and balance. This articles explains how and when to distribute your body weight to stay safe on intricate obstacles and large drops. The reason that this is such an important article to read, is that you may encounter one of these free ride obstacles by accident and you must react quickly to stay on your bike. By reading “First-Time Freeriders”, you will also learn the simple ways to practice and perfect advanced skills and maneuvers.

Being a mountain biker, this article has taught me tricks that I plan on applying as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to this summer to try out these new methods and techniques of free riding for more enjoyment of the sport.

“First-Time Freeriders”  by ‘Doddy’ of MTB UK, found on P.96 of the July 2009 issue #239 of Mountain Biking UK

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