Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to plan a successful canoe trip

This article was very helpful and full of tips. I know we are going on a canoe trip later in the semester so I figured this article would be a good read. The article was full of knowledge and plenty of ideas for planning.
This article explains that it is a great idea to take a canoe trip if you enjoy the outdoors. It gives you a chance to see wildlife, be with friends and get plenty of exercise. A trip like this does require a lot of planning and research. It is important to make good decisions and be careful wherever you go. One mistake can be very costly and it is better to be prepared for any situation, especially when being on bodies of water. This article also gives you a large list of supplies to consider when going on a canoeing expedition. These supplies include clothes, food, rope, etc. As well it gives you important tips when on the water.
This article was a very good read. It was full of knowledge and tips. I recommend it to anyone interested in taking a canoe trip.
Popp, Kris. Canadian Geographic.

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