Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Close Call

My Close Call: The Night of the Wolves

By: Bruce Watts

Rating ***

This article about a man's encounter with wolves is very shocking and quite interesting to read.

           In this article, Bruce was feeling rather stressed out by life, with family issues, and decided he needed some alone time. He went to his favourite place; Algonquin Park. Camping out in the backwoods with no one around you can be quite dangerous, especially if wolves are involved. Later at night, Bruce heard a pack of wolves howling very near his tent. He heard one splashing in the water near him, and then silence. The wolf started running at his tent! The wolf tripped over the wire of the tent, hit the tent, the ground, and then ran off. Bruce was terrified and he thinks the wolf was too.

         If I were to ever go camping in the wilderness, I would bring someone with me. I've learned that no matter the troubles or hardships you have, it is always better with a friend. Even in  Bruce's case, a friend would have been better for his moral support, as he was visibly shaken afterwards. I also learned that wolves are afraid of humans. He mentions in his article that most animals are very afraid of humans, and will not draw near. I think I am less afraid of camping in general.

Watts. Bruce. "My Close Call: The Night of the Wolves." Ottawa Outdoors. (Fall 2012): 18-19. Print.

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