Monday, March 10, 2014

Signalling Techniques - Unknown


     If you are lost in the wilderness or need assistance you need to know how to alert, signal, and communicate with those who are able to get you to safety. This article found on Wilderness Survival's site is an all you need to know resource on signalling techniques that could be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

     This article is made more for people in combat situations but still has all the required information about signalling. Through the descriptions of the two main ways to communicate, visual and audio, there is useful information given on everything from how to make smoke signals, to how to use pen flares. There is also a large section on communication after contact has been made. This section contains ground-to-air emergency code, body signals, aircraft acknowledgments, and what I find most interesting; panel signals. Along with their section on aircraft vectoring procedures, this is an amazing all you need to know article on signalling techniques.

     After reading this article it has made me more aware on how little I knew about the proper way to communicate with overhead support. Two things that I found very interesting in this article was the panel signals along with the manor in which an aircraft acknowledges your message (rocking of the plane for received, right hand circle for not received). With this knowledge I will make sure that I have the proper equipment for signalling when on trips. Overall this was a great article that contained very useful information for people like myself who is often out in the middle of no where.

     "Wilderness Survival: Signaling Techniques." Wilderness Survival. N.p., 6 Aug. 2001. Web. 10 Mar. 2014.

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