Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is a Comprehensive Wilderness Survival Kit and Why Should You Have One? - Michael Forti

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This article provides a very detailed explanation of a list that could prove to be quite useful for all outdoor adventurers, regardless of their level of experience.

The author discusses a few of the many forms that survival kits may take. He suggests belt-pouch based kits because they are highly portable in regards to the amount of gear they can contain. He also discusses the main issues that one may be dealing with when in a situation to need a survival kit, and their order of urgence. Forti gives other pointers on what to include in a survival kit like supplies to build an adequate shelter, fire, and source of water. The importance of having multiple ways to execute these things is also highlighted.

I enjoyed reading this article quite a lot and have even found that he touched on things that I had not considered for my survival kit assignment last year. The suggestions he made were clear, and simple enough that most beginner outdoor adventurers would have the skills to use. If I were to redo my survival kit assignment, I would include many things that the author mentioned such as an ultra-thin, lightweight tarp, signal strobes, and fish hooks. But these suggestions don’t have to be only things that I have regretted not doing, the next opportunity I have that requires an emergency kit, which will probably be the canoe trip, I’ll be sure to include these items, and take Forti’s advice of using a belt-pouch based kit so that I can have my emergency supplies on me at all times in case anything happens.


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