Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier - Ted Talk

Get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier


In this Ted Talk, Ben Klasky talks about how children are barely outside and spend too much time playing video games. He describes that the outdoors has many health benefits such as absorbing vitamin D and physical and mental health. As less kids are outside, more kids are obese and on Ritalin. He says that when kids are outside they experience things and feel things that they haven't felt before and learn a lot about themselves. Ben Klasky proposes a new application to attract kids outdoors by using technology. The app encourages kids to find items outdoors and then rewards them for achievements.

I agree that people need to be outdoors more often but I believe that he exaggerates the powers of the outdoors. He says that being outdoors can solve mental issues. He believes that ADHD is associated with spending too much time indoors. He also agrees that you have a lower chance of getting a variety of diseases. I'm not sure that it will improve kids health too much to have them running around outdoors while staring at a technology device, as he recommends. I'll bet Ben Klasky's app would increase the occurrence of sprained ankles in kids.

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