Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heads up on hard turns

Heads Up On Hard Turns - Stef Manzoni
Rating: ***

This short article explains how to generally turn while mountain biking and how to make those fast hard turns. It also goes over quick tips to get around obstacles instead of running into them.

The article begins with the main tip that the author seems to want to get across, to always look ahead to where you want to go, never to look at obstacles such as rocks as if you look at the rock you'll most likely drive right into that rock instead of around it. So when taking a hard turn, looking towards you're destination after the turn is the way to go, while putting the outside leg from the turn straight with the peddle down, allowing the bike to lean while keeping the inside peddle away from kitting anything protruding from the ground. Your outside arm should be straight while the inside should be bent and touching your knee.

This article was very helpful to me, as biking, especially mountain biking is probably one of my worst outdoor activities. Taking anything at speed through the trails, especially turns is hard for me so knowing this will help me improve those skills for next time.

Stef, Manzoni. "Heads Up On Hard Turns" Ottawa Outdoors - Spring/Summer 2008: p. 7.

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